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Founded in 1957, the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) is a trade association for merit shop electrical and systems contractors. IEC believes in developing and fostering a stronger economy through the level of quality and services its members provide to the industry. Drawing from the dedication and desire of contractors in the independent sector, our country is able to benefit from a flexible array of services and competitive pricing which helps maintain an affordable level of costs on utilities and communication.

For over five decades, IEC has faced the challenges imposed by the ever-changing world of the electrical industry. IEC has built a reputation as the premier trade association for America's independent electrical and systems contractors, aggressively working with the industry to establish a free environment for merit shop.

With almost 3,700 member companies in more than 70 chapters throughout the USA, the association serves as the voice of the electrical and systems contracting industry on policies affecting its membership. IEC attempts to further the growth of the U.S. economy through skilled manpower and the principle of free enterprise.




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